Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark let out for X Factor rehearsals


Celebrity Big Brother 13’s Rylan Clark has been leaving the house for X Factor tour rehearsals, according to ex-EastEnders star and fellow contestant, Gillian Taylforth.

The actress, still best known as Albert Square’s Kathy Beale, let this revelation slip during an appearance on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, hosted by Matthew Wright.

Following a discussion about housemates’ isolation (to the extent of not knowing the time of day), Gillian said: “Rylan went out to do X Factor rehearsals for the tour he’s doing for X Factor, and when he came back - obviously he wasn’t allowed to talk to anybody - but when he came back, he’d ask somebody the time very quickly.”

The news quickly spread on Twitter, with The Wright Stuff’s Eric Johnson (@etjohnson) tweeting: “Recently evicted housemate just told me #Rylan has been leaving the #CBB house for #XFactor tour rehearsals EVERY SUNDAY. Ooops!”

Although the name of his source wasn’t revealed, it’s pretty obvious where he got his information.

Like it or not, a founding principle of Big Brother has been - at best - bent here. The rules state: “There is no contact with the outside world. This includes the internet, newspapers, phone calls and conversations with anyone outside the House except for Big Brother.”

As far as possible, the housemates are supposed to be completely isolated. What’s more, fans are watching and voting on that basis. Reaction on forums and Twitter has been swift and emphatic.

‏@Darren_Ruback said: “So I wonder what Rylan’s friends on Xfactor have been telling him about #cbb. What a farce! Can’t believe he’s been leaving house @bbuk”

Phillips ‏@kath46blue tweeted: “I don’t think that Rylan should have been allowed out! Don’t get me wrong I like him and want him to win. But this is so wrong!”

‏@MilkySteve posted: “If Rylan is allowed to leave the #CBB house EVERY DAY for X Factor rehearsals doesn’t that defeat the point of the whole show?!”

Channel 5 has released a statement confirming Gillian Taylforth’s remark: ‘Rylan has rehearsed for his tour on site with a choreographer, escorted by a Big Brother producer.’