The Next Season of 'Dexter' Will Be the Show's Last (at Least According to Les Moonves)

The seventh season of “Dexter” wrapped on December 16, having introduced one major change that somehow didn’t end up feeling all that different by the finale’s end. The long life that “Dexter” has enjoyed on Showtime hasn’t done the show any favors in terms of its need to maintain the status quo of its premise — Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is a forensics expert by day, serial killer by night who always has to be on the verge of being exposed without actually being exposed, because that would disrupt the series. It’s one of the reason’s the show’s felt stuck in stasis in the last few years, even with the recent developments involving Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) — no serious consequences could come for Dexter until an end was in sight. “